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Math 8 is a demanding and exciting math course that will prepare each student for high school mathematics. We will spend the year focusing on the Common Core State Standards for eighth grade mathematics. You can view a copy of the standards at We will master these standards by following the Scope and Sequence provided by Redlands Unified School District. The main topics covered in this class include: linear equations, functions, graphs, real numbers, transformations, angles, exponents, volume, statistics, and probability.

Instructional Materials
Our class does not use a traditional textbook. We instead use a suite of tools from Carnegie Learning ( including paper-back texts that students write in and interactive computer software.

This class will be demanding and I expect every student to show up and be ready to work every day. A typical week will feature three days of collaborative work from our texts (Tues-Thu), a day of work with the computer software (Mon) and a test that will cover material learned during the week as well as previous topics (Fri). The purpose of the work with the texts and computer is for students to arrive well-prepared for the assessment at the end of the week. Demonstration of mastery is what we’re looking for from each student, and this mastery is their responsibility.

Math homework is assigned on a nightly basis Monday through Thursday. Our homework assignments usually consist of several review or skill building exercises that reflect concepts recently presented in class. It is of the utmost importance that your son or daughter do their BEST job on all the work, asking for help only after giving it their best independent effort first. It is essential that every homework assignment be completed and ready on-time. Late assignments are not accepted.
In addition to the assignments Tuesday through Thursday, students are required to spend an additional 30 minutes or more working with the MATHia software outside of normal class time. This can be on a computer at home, a school computer lab before or after school and/or during lunch, or any other computer available to them.
As you know, math is a subject that builds on top of itself. Missing a concept early in the year due to incomplete assignments or not asking for help when needed can greatly impact one’s ability to successfully move to the next concept. Please help your son or daughter by checking their nightly homework, monitoring their computer work, and regularly asking them questions about what they’re learning. Often times when students begin struggling overall, it’s due to inconsistent effort on homework. Homework effort and completion is typically the secret to a successful year.
Students are responsible for getting the work for any days they miss. If your child is absent, they can view the nightly homework on the class website. Extra credit will be available throughout the year; however students should never plan on extra credit to make-up for missed or incomplete assignments.

Students should also spend approximately ten minutes per night studying. Math 8 begins the transition to high school, when students will be expected to discipline their own study habits and determine their own level of comfort and proficiency with the material. The amount of time needed on homework and on studying will vary from student to student.

Cheating is never acceptable. Cheating on anything will result in a zero.

Class Supplies
Students should have the following in their backpack every day for our math class: 3-ring binder for text pages, 2 #2 pencils, 2 pens (for correcting/grading), 2 dry-erase markers (any color), calculator, and their Cope agenda. Also helpful to have on hand, but not required: highlighters, colored pencils, ruler & protractor.

Class Website
Our class website can be found at It is updated daily and is the best resource for students and parents for this class. I’d recommend bookmarking it at home and checking in each day to see what’s been learned, what links may be of benefit, and what helpful documents may have been posted. The internet offers a wealth of knowledge for students and parents alike; I highly recommend using the countless resources that are out there to enhance this year’s educational experience.

Progress Reports
You may log on to Cope’s “Parent Portal” ( at any time to find out how your son or daughter is doing in my class (and many of their other classes as well). The parent portal is updated in real-time as assignments and tests are graded. As parents are now able to view students' grades online at any time, official Cope Progress Reports will only be sent home for students with less than C grades. If you’ve not yet created a Parent Portal account, setup information will be mailed home in the coming weeks.

Grading Policy                                                                         
The grading policy is point based. Each assignment                    
will be classified into a weighted category.                                  
(Subject to change)                                                                   
            Homework                                 15%                              
            Class Work                                20%                                                 
            Computer Work                         25%                              
Tests                                         35%                              
            Semester Final Exam                     5%                             
TOTAL POINTS                        100%                             

Available for Help
I will be in my classroom before and after school nearly every day for additional help or questions. I am also available by appointment at any time. Please don’t wait until it’s too late to come ask for help.

Classroom Rules
In order to guarantee your child and all the students the excellent educational climate they deserve, we will be utilizing the following classroom rules and policies. We have gone over this information in class and everyone will be held to these expectations and consequences.
1)     Respect the classroom, the teacher, fellow students, and yourself
2)     Complete all assignments on time; come to class prepared every day
3)     Be in your seat and prepared to work when the bell rings
4)     Give your best effort every day
5)     No gum, food, drinks, or electronic devices

-          Verbal Warning              -   Detention
-          Call Home                     -   Conference
-          Referral                         -   Suspension               

Within this classroom, I will provide your student with a structured, nurturing environment. Effective learning occurs when everyone knows and understands the expectations. It is in your child’s best interest that we work together. Please feel free to contact me at any time. I have already discussed this plan with your child in class and would appreciate it if you could also review it with him/her. Please sign the bottom portion and have your child return it to me. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email at or via phone at (909) 307-5420 x 42332.

Thank you,
Natalie Escher

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